• Faculty


Wen-Jie BIAN, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Sleep and Neural Development

Shang CAI, Ph.D.

Somatic Stem Cell and Cancer Stem Cell Lab

Ji-Jie CHAI, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Plant Immune Signaling

Longxing Cao, Ph.D.

Computational Protein Design Lab

Pengbo CAO, Ph.D.

Lab of Bacterial Infectious Disease

Xing CHANG, Ph.D.

Immune Regulation and Human Diseases

Xiangjun Chen, Ph.D.

Laboratory of Infection and Mucosal Immunology

Zibo Chen, Ph.D.

BioProgramming Lab

Saifeng CHENG Ph.D.

Epigenetic Regulation in Development Laboratory

Xiaoyun DAI, Ph.D.

Cell Engineering and Cell Therapy Lab